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I Love Logo Design Miranda Rights For Design Customer

Design in general and logo design in particular is not an exact science.
That is why designers and their customers sometimes do not understand
each other. But I am sure that client should receive that what he/she
needs and likes.

That is why I created these Miranda Rights For Design Customer:

Before a designer may question you regarding the possible design project,
he or she must read you your Miranda Rights of a Design Customer. He or She
must also make sure that you understand them.

1. You have the right to receive high quality design.

2. Any requirements you have must be realized in the final design project.

3. You have the right to consult with a designer and ask him/her questions before the order.

4. You have the right to know nothing about design.

5. You have the right to know about the progress of your design project.

6. You have the right to reject the design results you do not like.

7. You have the right to alter the design requirements.

8. You have the right to receive your money back.

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