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I Love Logo Design Logo - The Marketing Must-Have

10StepMarketing Logo There is a great marketing newsletter and website:

I read newsletter regularly and found there a lot of interesting ideas on how to promote your business and
get more clients.

Please read what Debbie LaChusa, the Founder & President of the
think about logos:

The Marketing Must-Have's

In my experience, there are certain things you need to effectively market your business.

For example, I had a client ask me today, do I really need a logo?  Is it really worth spending the $300 to $500 dollars right now? 

My answer is an absolute 'yes!'

If you want people to view your business as professional you have to look the part.

I believe there are certain things that say to the world, that you are a serious business.

Special thanks to Debbie for her permission to reprint her quote on Etiziano website.

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