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Etiziano Logo Design
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I Love Logo Design Logo Design for Company: The Pet Nanny

The Pet Nanny Logo Design

The Pet Nanny

Provides care to all types of animals. Also, provides overnights, pet taxi, pet baths, and pet massages.


"Etiziano knows exactly what he is doing, even if the buyer doesn''t! He is the most professional, most accommodating provider I can imagine! In the end, I paid him double his asking price because he was doing far too much work for the bid he had placed. He caught some lapses on my part, and saved my skin, despite the fact that those "uh-ohs" cost him more time and effort. At no point was he ever express the slightest irritation or frustration with me, either. I love the logo and will use it immediately! Great job, Vitaly!!!!"

Dale V. Swift

Business Card:

The Pet Nanny Business Card


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