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I Love Logo Design Logo Design for a Pharmaceutical Company: Pasio Ingredients

Pasio Ingredients Logo

Pasio Ingredients

Pharmaceutical Company


Launching two new webstores required us to take a hard look at our presentation. I knew we needed something fresh and we needed a new company logo.

With so many designers offering their services I came across Etiziano. Contacting Vitaly, he knew immediately what we needed and not needed. He understood our needs and came with some wonderful designs. But all the creativity of Vitaly... at the end we came with Vitaly to the conclusing that we needed to update our old logo and not reinvent what we already deep in our minds new was good. Just like AT&T just updated theirs.

We will recommend Vitaly anytime.

Anthony Katgert
Creative Director - / Product Development

Pasio Ingredients, Formulas & Bulkingredients.
Julianastraat 99 - 6707 DC Wageningen - The Netherlands
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