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I Love Logo Design History Of The NBC Logo

The National Broadcasting Company (NBC) is an American television network. It is sometimes referred to as the Peacock Network due to its stylized peacock logo, created exclusively for color broadcasts.

NBC Logo, 1956 First animated Peacock logo was introduced to the public in 1956. NBC was naturally at the forefront of color programming and their logo was promoting color television.
NBC Logo, 1959 In 1959 viewers of NBC could see additional logo which appeared together with the peacock logo.
NBC Logo, 1962 The peacock logo was redesigned in 1962.
NBC Logo, 1975

The new logo with abstract capital "N" letter appeared in 1976.

The cost of the new NBC logo was estimated to be between $750,000 and $1 million.

"N" logo bumper from 1977:

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NBC was sued by Nebraska Educational Television (ETV) over the stylized "N" logo since they had used identical logo for 2 years.

Nebraska Educational Television (ETV) Logo: Nebraska Educational Television ETV Logo

NBC settled out of court with ETV by giving them roughly $500,000 worth of used television equipment and $55,000 in cash. In exchange, NBC got the rights to the "N" logo.

NBC Logo, 1980 In 1980 audience could see the return of the peacock logo. It was showed together with the "N" logo.
NBC Logo, 1986 In 1986 new simpler peacock logo was born.

The most interesting thing in this story is that the cost of the "N" logo for ETV was $75
but NBC spent $750 000 for the same logo!

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