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I Love Logo Design History of the Apple Logo

First Apple Logo (1971-1976)


The first Apple logo with Isaac Newton (one of the most famous scientists in human history) under the apple tree.

Newton himself often told that story that he was inspired to formulate his theory of gravitation by watching the fall of an apple from a tree.

It was designed in 1971 by Steve Jobs and Wayne.

Old Apple Logo (1976-2002)


Previous logo was replaced by Rob Janoff’s “rainbow Apple”.

Rainbow-coloured silhouette of an apple with a bite taken out of it.

Janoff presented Jobs with several different monochromatic logos, and Jobs immediately took a liking to the bitten apple. While Jobs liked the logo, he insisted it be in color, as a way to humanize the company.

Monochromatic Apple logo:

It often appears on various products in various colors

Monochrome Apple Logo
Apple Logo 2001-2007


Stylized Apple logo, used on Apple software.


Current Apple Logo

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